Sometimes, recognizing that you or your loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol is much more difficult than it seems.  You may not be able to spot someone headed toward a substance abuse disaster until it is too late.  Not everyone ends up in jail for a DUI because of their drinking problem, many end up dead.  Catching the early warning signs of addiction and seeking treatment as soon as possible helps prevent the devastating consequences of prolonged alcohol or drug abuse.  Drug Rehab Center Clinton encourages you to always be on the lookout for simple things in regards to your loved ones, and to admit your problem to yourself when you find yourself dependent on a certain substance to feel normal or make it through the day.

Here is a quick checklist of some common signs of substance abuse to be on the lookout for.  Keep in mind, there are other warning signs, and if you sense someone you love is abusing drugs or alcohol, you should approach them in a calm and sensitive manner while encouraging them to seek help.

·         Using drugs for nonmedical reasons

·         Taking more medication than a doctor has prescribed

·         Refilling prescriptions more often than normal

·         Always needing money for unknown reasons

·         Radical changes in appearance and behavior

·         Sudden changes in friends, hobbies, and interests

·         Medical or legal complications relating to drugs or alcohol

Drug Rehab Center Clinton specializes in treating all forms of drug and alcohol addiction with kindness, patience, and understanding.  If you or someone you know is exhibiting the signs of an addiction, please call (240) 348-6282 or email today.  Seeking help when overcoming a substance abuse problem greatly increases a person’s chance of getting and staying sober, make sure to give yourself or your loved one the best chance at living a happy and sober life by taking advantage of the rehab programs offered at Drug Rehab Center Clifton.


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